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Minimalist Leather Bags, Backpacks and Accessories. Handmade in London by a British Artisan using Sustainable Vegetable Tanned Leather.





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Perfectly crafted, beautifully minimal

Luxury minimalist leather bags and backpacks made in East London and North Devon, UK. CARV is a slow fashion brand, with all leather goods bespoke handcrafted - stitch by stitch - using environmentally sustainable vegetable tanned leather. CARV is about re-imagining tradition by combining beautifully minimalist contemporary design with materials and production methods from British leather heritage.

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Created by an Artisan

All CARV luxury leather bags and accessories are produced by Becky Cocker, a British leather artisan. Becky uses traditional hand craftsmanship to create each piece - this means no machines; just a simple palette of hand tools, allowing complete control over the quality to create leather products that will last a lifetime. Find out more about how CARV leather bags are made.

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