All CARV products are made using locally sourced leather, hardware and tools. CARV’s founder, Becky, believes in supporting local businesses to help develop a stable and diverse local artisan craft economy across the UK, rich with skills and job opportunities in the manufacturing. 

Becky has researched extensively over several years to find the most attractive, durable and sustainable suppliers and to make contacts in photography, film making and content production to enhance the brand. This has involved a vast amount of time and research. If you are setting up your own leather business you can access this information as paid resources (coming soon). The following advice notes will be available for purchase - please sign up to our small business advice mailing list by getting in touch here if you would like to be notified when these are available:

  • Advice Note 1: CARV leather and hardware suppliers, photography and film making contacts (a complete list of all my supplier contacts);

  • Advice Note 2: Setting up your brand (includes advice on business planning, logo making, and trademarking);

  • Advice Note 3: Setting up a website and selling via social media;

  • Advice Note 4: Set up costs and pricing your products;

  • Advice Note 5: How to promote your leather goods (includes advice on social media and other marketing channels and collateral); and

  • Launching a Business Selling Leather Goods: A Complete Guide.