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There has been lots of interest in CARV and great feedback during the first year. Reviews and features include:

  • CARV being featured in the April edition of Stylist's online magazine, emerald Street.
  • In June 2016 CARV was shortlisted as an Etsy Awards 2016 finalist and we came 6th out of all UK finalists in the public vote.
  • CARV bags have been featured numerous times in Etsy's Editors Picks, including the Men's Fashion Spring Style edition and Winter Fashion Accessories edition.


'Thank you so much again, I’m so in love I’m literally treating it like my child!' - Lou (Custom Pioneer Shoulder Bag)

'I absolutely love the bag and cannot wait to start using it! Thank you so much for using the green I asked for - it looks beautiful! And your craftsmanship is flawless!' - Madiha (Custom Explorer Backpack)

'This gorgeous, sophisticated backpack far exceeds my expectations. It is beautifully constructed with heavy leather pieces and strong stitching. I LOVE it...worth every penny' - Jenny (Custom Explorer Backpack)