A fresh take on tradition

CARV is an independent artisan business hand crafting leather bags and accessories in East London. Every CARV piece is crafted by hand using centuries-old hand leatherworking techniques and fine vegetable tanned leather.  

Tradition is implicit in the materials and production methods, but expressed in a simple, modern way - a minimal aesthetic runs through CARV designs, re-imagining and breathing new life into British leatherworking heritage.

A clean minimal design approach is taken, stripping away the fuss of traditional designs and highlighting details through simplicity and sharp structuring. This minimal approach showcases and complements the natural beauty of vegetable tanned leather. 

A more sustainable, slower approach to fashion

Becky Cocker is CARV's founder, designer and in-house atelier. Originally trained as a town planner but working on creative ventures in any spare time, Becky decided to pursue her dream of a creative path and launched CARV in January 2016 after learning hand leatherworking skills through the writings and teachings of Valerie Michael.

CARV is a response to the throw-away fashion culture and need for more locally made, good quality products. It is a brand based on a strong belief in the benefits of a slower, more considered approach to fashion buying decisions, encouraging investment in lifetime pieces and quality over quantity.

CARV is about contributing to a sustainable local artisan craft economy and supporting traditional tanneries in the modern fashion world.  

Focus on lasting quality, craftsmanship, and community

Becky Cocker CARV

A number of core principles underpin the CARV ethos:

Creating lasting pieces - Each piece is carefully made by hand from start to finish in East London ensuring it is well made and long lasting. Find out how it's done here.

Focusing on quality over quantity - Limited numbers of each bag are made every year allowing attention to detail and lasting quality. 

Using only chemical-free vegetable tanned leather - Meaning support for traditional British and Italian tanneries, materials that are kinder to the environment, and ensuring CARV bags age beautifully. Find out more about vegetable tanned leather here.

Leather bag maker in East London

Local sourcing - All materials are sourced from local suppliers to support a diverse UK skills base and manufacturing economy. Discover our suppliers here.

Community - Becky actively promotes skills and knowledge exchange and is pleased to share information about leatherworking, suppliers and advice on setting up a small business. Get in touch with any questions or ideas for collaborations here.

Visit the shop to take a look at the current CARV collection.