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How to sell leather and handmade goods

Back when I had the seed of an idea about making and selling leather goods I struggled to find any one single resource with the information I needed to launch and run a small business. Instead I found myself having to trawl the internet, books and other resources, spending the best part of two years gathering snippets of information until I had what I needed and felt ready to launch CARV.

Since launching in 2016 I've been contacted many times by other makers asking for advice on how and where to sell leather and other handmade goods. I'm always happy to share my experiences and advice as I strongly believe that a healthy and sustainable local manufacturing base relies on community, and I now have so much information to share that I thought it would be helpful to publish advice on key topics for everyone to access.

In the CARV business advice pages you'll be able to access various resources on topics such as:

  • how to set up a business selling handmade goods,
  • how to write a useful business plan,
  • how to develop your business logo and branding,
  • how to set up a website and social media pages,
  • how to set the pricing for handmade goods,
  • when to launch your business, and
  • how to manage the business and stock levels once live.

I do hope you'll find this useful, please do get in touch with any feedback, questions or suggestions for other useful advice topics.

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