Who makes your bags?

  • All CARV bags are made by hand by Becky, the founder of CARV, and her close knit trusted team.

Where are the bags made?

  • All CARV bags are made in East London in our Hackney Wick studio or on the Phoenix boat. You might also spot Becky finishing bags at the stall on Broadway Market on Saturdays - come and have a look!

I like one of your bags but wanted it slightly different (colour / shape / size) - could you customise it for me?

  • As all CARV bags are made by hand we can customise.  Get in touch via the contact page and we’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements.  If you like you can even pop in to the studio in Hackney Wick or visit us at Broadway Market Schoolyard for a design consultation!

I have an idea for a bag - could you make it for me?

  • We enjoy turning your ideas into your dream bag! we would be more than happy to create a bespoke bag for you. Get in touch via the contact page and we’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements.  We also offer a personal design consultation at our studio in Hackney Wick or by visiting us at Broadway Market Schoolyard.

How long do custom orders take to make?

  • Our normal turn around time for custom orders is 2-3 weeks but do get in touch and we can provide a more certain deadline based on our current workload.

What type of leather do you use?

  • All the leather used in CARV bags is vegetable tanned, meaning it was produced using natural vegetable based products (such a tree bark) in the process known as tanning.  There are no nasty chemicals or side effects.

Why do you use vegetable tanned leather?

  • Vegetable tanned leather looks, feels and smells beautiful, has a natural finish and gets better with age. Vegetable tanned leather is sturdy and lasting. The production is chemical-free and as such doesn’t harm the environment or workers unlike much of the modern mass production methods.

Where do you get the leather from? 

  • All the leather used in CARV bags is sourced in the UK, either from UK leather merchants or UK leather producers. We try to source as much of the leather as possible from UK tanneries to support the traditional leather production industry.

Is it ethical to buy leather products? 

  • Leather is a by-product of the meat industry and is a sustainable use of what would otherwise be thrown away. We strictly do not use leather from animals that are killed purely for their skin as we feel this would be unethical. 

Will the leather change over time?

  • Vegetable tanned leather does change with age, in fact it gets better and better. As the leather ages it often darkens slightly and develops a beautiful patina (a soft sheen on the surface). 

How do I care for the leather?

  • To keep your bag ageing as it should we recommend careful storage, preferably wrapped in breathable fabric in a cool, dry location. We also recommend regular conditioning every 3 months with a chemical-free leather conditioner - visit our bag care page for more information.. 

What happens to the leather if it rains?

  • Don't worry about getting your bag wet!  As the leather is natural, it breathes and will dry out and return to its former state. 

What happens if I buy a bag and change my mind? 

  • If you change your mind we will provide a full refund if you return the item within 14 days in it's original condition.  We will even refund the postage charge. Just get in touch and we can provide our postal address.