Empowering Young Women in the UK

As a one-woman band and new mother to a beautiful baby girl, empowering young women is a subject very close to my heart - I believe in equality for All and would love every young woman in the UK to have the same opportunities to realise their potential. With a massive rise in poverty and homelessness in the UK since 2010 it is an important time to help vulnerable young women.

The Young Women's Trust is a brilliant charity that supports women in the UK, aged 16 - 30, who are struggling to live on low or no pay and are at risk of being trapped in poverty. I'm delighted to announce that CARV will now be contributing to the YWT Futures Fund to help support a young woman to find work and realise her potential. In addition, to celebrate International Women's Day, an extra £2 from every sale in March will be donated to the Young Women's Trust.

If you've been thinking about treating yourself or someone else to a CARV piece, now is the perfect time.

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