Meet five women who drastically changed careers in their 20s and never looked back

By Olivia Blair, for Cosmopolitan

January 2018

Getting a job can be tough. Markets are competitive, there's pressure coming from all different angles, you may not know exactly what you want do yet, or, you might just not be able to find the way in. It's for these reasons people can often 'fall' into a job, or they go into one industry thinking it's what they want, only to find out it's not quite right.

Realising in your twenties that you're not in the right career for you can be scary and panic-inducing but it doesn't mean you have to stay on that path. Don't believe us? Take it from these women...

From town planner to handbag designer: Becky Cocker, 35

Becky Cocker CARV in Cosmopolitan

"I fell into a career in town planning after university because I was interested in the social and environmental benefits of good urban design. For more than 10 years I worked with government and private bodies to develop masterplans and frameworks for places, informing policy and securing planning permission for new schemes.

Working in the city compromised my values, lifestyle and happiness because I was working long and rigid hours and had no time to be creative. I've always had a creative side and made my own clothes from an early age. I made bags as a hobby for years on the side before deciding to take the plunge in January 2016.

CARV leather bags in Cosmopolitan

I was a little nervous about leaving my planning career and it took a while for my parents to realise that my handbag line, CARV, is a serious business venture. I'd already done a lot of work developing the brand though and I knew there was potential for success.

I don't have any regrets in taking the path I've taken, I picked up so many skills that have been invaluable for setting up a sustainable fashion brand and business. While it was a risk, I felt it was the right time and it was great to have a stable financial and family position first. Switching career has also made me much thicker skinned and able to take and welcome feedback."

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