Minimalism - the perfect match for leather

I'm baring all this Summer. And I don't just mean showing some dazzling white skin to the much welcomed sunshine, but that in my latest CARV design journey I've been focusing attention on what matters most - the simple natural beauty of leather.

Minimalist design first came about in the arts dating as far back as the early 20th century with Kasimir Malevich's black square on a white ground. So minimalism can perhaps be considered a classic, and maybe that's why it fits so well with traditional leather techniques. While cheap chemically produced leather needs to be spruced up with fancy dangly bits, studs and diamonte, vegetable tanned leather has nothing to hide. It's irresistible natural grain is all the more stunning across when left bare across an uncomplicated flap or bag panel.

Minimalism refers to something that's been stripped to it's essentials and for me, that means using simple, elegant design to showcase leather in it's most natural form. 

Choose from the new minimal Nomad or Pioneer styles to offset your Summer wardrobe.