All CARV products are made from fine vegetable tanned leather. This leather is produced using a liquor containing natural tannins such as tree bark, leaves and berries, giving it a beautiful look, smell and natural finish.

Vegetable tanned leather adapts and ages well over time as the natural oils are retained in the tanning process. This type of leather has a life of it's own, often darkening and developing a patina (a sheen that develops on the surface) over time.

To keep your vegetable tanned leather in the best shape the following is recommended:

  • The leather can be used in all weather conditions – the beauty of natural leather is that it will develop a patina (sheen) and darken over time when exposed to water and contact with skin oils. 
  • Avoid spilling coloured liquids on the leather as this may leave a mark, particularly with the matt finishes. 
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent scagging and scratching, unless of course you like the distressed leather look!
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place when not in use and avoid extended periods of sunlight exposure which may alter the colour.
  • While not essential, conditioning occasionally can help protect the leather and retain moisture to avoid drying or cracking. Use a natural conditioner without chemicals to avoid damage. Becky recommends Oakwood Leather Conditioner which you can pick up online. 

Get in touch here if you have any questions about vegetable tanned leather.